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Life is Golden - 16"x20" acrylic, metallics & gold leaf on canvas. Original Sold. Prints available.
"Hope Shines On" - 18"x36" SOLD private commission.
"Now What?" 20"x24" acrylic on wood framed canvas. Original Sold. Prints available.
I FEEL FREE 16"X20" acrylic on canvas. Original and prints available.
MY FIRST MERMAID - 14"X21" acrylic and metallics on wood. Private commission. Sold.
"I Can See Clearly Now"
"I Am One With The World"
"Another Door Opens"
Architectual Eye
"Soulful Eye"
"Orange Planet"
"Endless Summer"
Peachy Forest
Volcanic Sky. SOLD.
Sunset Glow
A Day At Descanso
"The Last Hour"
Girl in Desert
Beatnik Thunderbird
"Love Will Find A Way"
"Enchanted Arrival"
Thunderbird Rises
Thunderbird Spirit
Cats: in all their bronzed glory
"As I Am"
Pieces in Time
Spring 1962
Desert Oasis
Contemplating Music and City
Paradise Isle
Cat trio
Girl with Mandolin
Beatnik Dancers
Girl with Cats
Silent Passion
Lavender Girl
New Mexico Sunset


I don't claim to be a "trained" artist, I just love doing it. It is becoming a true passion of mine. I mostly paint in acrylics and mixed media on wood framed canvas.  I love mid-century style, so many of my works tend to reflect that.  I paint abstracts, surrealism, boho/beatnik, portraits and landscapes. I do sell my  original paintings,  so if you find that you like one of these, do let me know. I also take commissions. High quality limited edition signed and numbered prints are available for some of my paintings, please inquire if interested.

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