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Julienne Davis

These days personal websites seem a bit egocentric for my tastes, so I do realize the irony when introducing my own website.  But in any case, here it is and here am I. This site is for those who may be interested to know just a little more about me. Besides being an actor, I originally started out as a ballet dancer and later became a working fashion model for many years in the UK and Europe. Soon after making London my permanent base, I started making music; writing, singing, and later co-producing everything with my band of the time Sophisticated Savage, and then later as The Midnight Candy. In 1998, I auditioned for an extra role in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut...and instead got the pivotal role of Mandy Curran.  This changed my life and career path and started my acting/voiceover careers.  Presently based in LA, I am still writing and recording music and also working on various film projects/tv treatments in various guises as writer/producer/casting director and actor.  Besides that, I paint modern/60's inspired abstracts, surrealism, landscapes and boho/beatnik style works of art, and designed a line of jewelry with Traditions Jewelry Company. I'm an avid gardener into gardening and landscape design as well as mid-century architecture and interiors,  At the end of the day, I'm simply an artist... It is my true life's passion to create art in all it's many forms. 

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